About LondonWasteClearance.org.uk

London Waste Clearance is a well-known and established company situated in London. We offer our services of rubbish removal and clearance to the entire city of London as well as particular parts where our job is needed. What we offer is a safe, efficient and cheap way of removing your garbage. Our company first and foremost give you a fully professional service which means that no job is too difficult for us. We can manage with any type of rubbish in hand and clear it right away. Safety is also our number one concern.

We utilize mere disposal as a last resort and try to get rid of the garbage first by removing it in a safe and ethical way. Lastly, our prices are among the cheapest ones on the city and everyone is welcome to call and hire us and in return we will give you our best available price for the job.

Among many of our offered services included are the clearance of people’s homes, garden rubbish removals, the cleaning of your office area and many more. Being that you the customers are our number one concern and that our aim is to please and satisfy your demands, we have branched out the types of our services. This of course includes the cleaning of many different environments, like dealing with your garden trimmings or removing debris from a construction site. London Waste Clearance gives you a chance to arrange your home, tidy up your office area and get rid of all the pesky and unwanted waste around you.

A type of a special offer is the removal of furniture or unwanted household items. As people are having loads of trouble with how to get rid of your old household items, it happens that we can provide a solution for that. We accept jobs such as removing old sofas, cleaning failed refrigerators and also disposing of smelly rugs and mattresses. You will no longer have to suffer from lack of storage space and your garages will be clean once again. Call London Waste Clearance with any type of a job that includes the removal of furniture and we will kindly accept it. Additionally, electronic appliances or other types of waste that you do not know how to properly dispose can also be a part of our job.

Safety is our number one concern. Firstly we take special care with the area that we are working on and will leave it the way we found it, minus the rubbish of course. We wish our customers to be happy and so we will not disturb your living or any other type of an area that you hire us to the clearance of. Our number one concert is the garbage and that is what we came for. Also the disposals of the said materials are done in a way which does not affect the environment or the world around us.

We have only one planet to live on and we make it our duty to keep it safe. That is why we our primary way of disposal is recycling. Any type of waste that can be will be recycled. Also we practice the form of reusing unwanted items. Charity clearances are a good way to give certain items to people who will have a use of it if other ones don’t. By practicing this method we have managed to make many people happy, both the ones which have finally gotten rid of a certain item and also the ones who have gotten a pretty good deal by accepting that very same item. The final solution is of course disposal, but we aim to first deplete all other methods before getting to this.

To contact our service you can use the telephone or our email address. We are located on 785 Fulham Road, London SW6 5HD and our telephone is as follows 020 3744 0154, and our offices are always open to our clients. The easiest way is to call us over the phone. You can also contact us over our site or send us an e-mail with the information about your rubbish removal concerns. You can also call us to inform yourself about the prices or the type of clearances we offer.

Do not hesitate to call as we will kindly give you all the information you require and carefully explain to you the process of hiring or booking, the exact clearance process and the price evaluation as well. We will immediately give you an estimated pricing over the phone but our teams can do a much accurate price evaluation on the field, for which they are trained to do. More so, if you send us a picture about the area which needs cleaning in advance, we will be able to give you an accurate price assessment before the dispatching of our teams. Contact Waste Clearance London now and you will be given a great clearance job with all the necessary information as well.

Lastly, the price we give are the most affordable on the market. Despite giving a great service, hiring trained professionals for our staff and delivering a professional and efficient service, we also tend to give very low and affordable prices. The basic prices are given but we will have to assess the additional fees based on the type of clearance or the severity of the removal job you hire us for. But all in all, the quotes are very favorable and are affordable for ordinary people and businesses as well. Call London Waste Clearance and you will see what we are all about.