Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do you do?

Our company removes rubbish from your designated area that needs cleanup. We firstly manage your rubbish by collecting it from you, we also manage the loading of all the rubbish piles that you have and also manage the disposal of the said materials. All in all our company does all the cleaning jobs that you need us to do and provide a safe disposal of those waste materials.

2. Can you do the job outside ordinary business hours?

If you have an urgent request that needs to be taken cared of outside ordinary business hours, we may oblige you and get it taken care of. But for this type of a job you will have to inform us well in advance so the necessary preparations are arranged. Additionally, this does not include doing the job after dark as there are regulations which forbid junk to be taken away after dark.

3. Can you take my things to a charity of my choice?

Of course, we will be happy to do that for you. Choose your charity event that you want us to take the necessary stuff and we will be happy to ship it of there. But bear in mind that due to insurance considerations, we are not able to guarantee the condition of the items upon arrival.

4. How do you charge?

We mainly evaluate our charge depending on volume. This means that your price will be based on how much the vehicle we come with to take your rubbish is taken up by it. But, if the disposal material is something which is particularly heavy in nature, for instance concrete materials take from a construction site, our prices will then be based on the weight of the materials.

5. How much notice do you require?

There is no general rule about this issue but we will appreciate you give us as much notice possible. In order for us to ensure a quality pick up which will benefit your cleaning and rubbish removal conditions try to inform us well off in advance. But, if you are in need of a job which needs to be taken cared urgently or requires immediate cleanup, a notice of perhaps 2 working days will be sufficient.

6. What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard equals the amount of 27 cubic feet, or rather three feet high by three feet wide by three feet deep.

7. What type of things do you remove?

We actually include a wide array of materials that we remove. Here are some examples: Furniture (sofas, armchairs, mattresses, cupboards), Appliances (TVs, computer screens, printers, washing machines, fax machines, stereo equipment), Cellar or garage (tools, old clothes, books, boxes, kitchenware), Garden (trimmings, branches, tree parts, leaves, soil, compost) Wood (lumber, firewood, fencing, shed, plywood), Construction (pallet, plaster, concrete. drywall, glass).

On the other hand we cannot remove certain hazardous materials which include noxious chemicals, cans filled with paint, motor oils, petrol oils, solvents, asbestos medical or biological waste or any other kind of poisonous materials.

But some items, although technically listed as hazardous, are only listed that way due to the nature of their disposal. These include stuff as TVs, refrigerators, computer screens and such. They can be collected by our company but need to be taken separately and disposed in a different way, which may account for higher costs. Please refer to our teams about the cost when you dispose this type of waste.

8. Can you move my things from one location to another for me?

Unfortunately no. Our vehicles are not designed for relocation jobs and our company is not insured for the materials inside them. This means that we cannot guarantee for the safety of the items which are carried off by our vehicles so that is why we can only fit the junk material in there which you no longer need.

But, on the other hand, we can carry certain items from one spot to the other but only on the same site of work. This will require an additional fee to be paid.

9. Why can’t you take hazardous materials?

We cannot take or carry hazardous materials as we are not licensed nor have the required insurance for the removal of the said materials. But if you are experiencing a problem with certain hazardous materials and require urgent movement of such, contact your local council for further advice or instruction.

10. What equipment does your truck come with?

Our trucks and vehicles come equipped with various tools and equipment which is fit for our removal jobs. These include a broom, a shovel, rubble bags, gorilla tubes, dust sheets, shove covers, a vacuum cleaner, a sack trolley and additional tools.

11. Are you insured to do this work?

Of course we are. Both our vehicles required to do our work and also the drivers who drive the said vehicles have the required insurance for the jobs. Additionally, we also include the insurance against causing any damage to the household area of a person who requires our service or for that matter any type of area where we perform our work.

12. Why can’t you give me an exact price over the phone?

Being that our rates are mainly based on the amount and also the type of rubbish being removed, it is almost impossible to give you an exact price without actually seeing the area or the type of garbage disposal job that you wish us to do. This is why our teams can do a much more accurate assessment on the field and upon seeing the nature of the problem will immediately give you the feel of the cost.

13. Do I have to be at the property to have the job done?

This does not always have to be the case. If we have your card details in order to charge the costs of the cleaning and removal, you do not have to be physically present when the removal is done. If we have your details, we will call you with the quote so you can accept and agree upon the price of the removal so we can get on it without your presence.

Also, if you have an account with us we can do the job without you and add the costs to your account which will be later on charged.

14. How big is your truck?

Although our trucks are mainly of the same size, many of them carry different loads. The container is always the same size but there is a different weight limit to each truck we use. For instance we utilize trucks mainly which can carry a weight of 1 tone, but we also have a truck which can easily carry the weight of 3 tones. The container of each truck is about 14 cubic yards, which is approximately 10 cubic meters is size.

15. Will you make a mess of our paintwork and leave muddy footprints on our carpets?

Our crews try to keep this to a minimum. In order to keep your place nice and clean after we are gone our crews use sheets which they spread all over the working area in order not to get your carpet dirty. Also they carry plastic shoes wherever they go inside your household area so no muddy footprints are left behind.

This is also very useful for when it rains so, this way our teams do not leave wet spots on your floors as well. Additionally, there is an onboard washing station in every vehicle we use so the workers may tidy up and wash their hands. They will pick after themselves and sweep everything up in order to leave a pleasant and clean area after they are finish.

16. Are you licensed to do this work?

Yes, we are completely licensed for the performance of this type of work. Our license is issued form the Environment Agency and we perform each type of work completely legally.

17. Where are you based?

We are based in London and our main offices are located on 785 Fulham Road, London SW6 5HD. Our services are on the other hand meant for the entire London area.

18. What do you do with the junk?

We try to maintain a green code of etiquette, meaning that we do not dispose or throw out any junk until it is absolutely necessary to. The first thing we do is to try to recycle the materials or reuse them. Recycling is very important and our company follows the policy that everything can be reused if it could.

Also charity events are a way to dispose things as certain people may find uses for some items that other people do not or want to throw away. If the aforementioned options are not available, we dispose the rubbish by taking it to the licensed Waste Transfer Stations for sorting and disposing.

19. Why use your service instead of a skip?

The difference is that we do the entire job, which includes loading and the cleanup and charge you depending on the volume of the waste. Whereas with the skip service you pay for the entire volume of the skip, no matter if the skip is filled or not.

Applying for skip services also requires certain permits to be approved and documents to be processed, which will only leave you doing much of the work yourself where you have to load all the junk by yourself as well. Additionally, your neighbors may use your skip services and dump their own waste inside a container you have applied and paid for yourself.

20. Why do you charge?

The services our crews perform include the clearance, the loading of the rubbish and taking it for sorting. Items are sorted based on reusing, recycling or tipping. The recycling and tipping services are charged to us depending on the weight of disposed materials. Our charges include the cost of doing all of this and additional expenses of employing the staff and hiring the vehicles.