Here are a few testimonials that we received from our customers:

“Thank you London Waste Clearance! Before I found out about you I had various problems on how to dispose and manage my waste. It takes me too long to do it myself and I often have to leave other stuff specially to take care of the rubbish. But now that I found out about this service I do not have to waste time to load and dispose all the rubbish that I have.

I can just call the service and a team of very friendly boys comes up and does the work for me. I especially like the way that they take care or dispose the waste as they maintain a green code of etiquette. So, London Waste Clearance, that’s the one. That’s the service to look for. I am a satisfied customer and will certainly look to hire them again.” Shannon, London

“Thanks to London Waste Clearance my garden is looking better than ever. Garden arranging is my hobby and I truly like to meddle around the garden in my spare time, but I do hate it when I have to dispose of all of the trimmings and leaves which are left after I finish. So my wife gave me a great idea, and that is to hire professional people who do this job.

And after careful consideration I was able to find and choose this particular company. After the removal and the cleaning, I was so happy to see that my garden had turned up just the way I wanted it to be, and also my wife was very pleased with how the yard looks like now.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without London Waste Clearance. I give my highest regards to them and their staff who were very friendly and also very helpful. I will certainly look to hire them again as I also found out they do other types of cleaning and disposals as well. Once more, thank you London Waste Clearance for enabling me to enjoy my garden.” James, London